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Forensic Medicine: Textbook.

Forensic Medicine: Textbook.

ISBN 966-7348-01-6
Gerasimenko A. I. — Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine with the Course of Law of DMSU named after M. Gorky, D.M., Professor. Zagorulko A. K. — Head of the Department of Pathomorphology of CSMU named after S. I. Georgievsky, D.M., Professor.
Krivda G. F. — Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine with Post-Graduate Education of OSMU, Head of Forensic Medical Examination Bureau of Odessa region, D.M., Professor.
Mikhailichenko B. V, — Head of the Department of Forensic MedicinewiththeCourseofLawofNMUnamedafter A. A. Bogomoletz, D.M., Professor.

Textbook is assembled in compliance with Curriculum in Forensic Medicine for III-IV accreditation level medical institutes of higher education of Ukraine.
It includes the pri ncipals of theory and practice of forensic medicine, methodical recommendations for students' independent work, and tests (according to KROK), which allow to reinforce the knowledge and prepare to final test.
This textbook also includes present scientific data concerning forensic medicine and classifications used in foreign countries.

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